Protection Plan 2

Protection Plan 2 – EPA 2021 Products and CARB Products

Available on B6.7, L9, X12 and X15 EPA 2021 and CARB 2022 engines in the United States and Canada.

Only EPA 2021 engines are eligible to purchase EPA 2021 Extended Coverage programs.
Only CARB 2022 engines are eligible to purchase CARB 2022 Extended Coverage programs.

Protection Plan 2 includes:

  • Travel & Towing option - Heavy Duty Truck only (PT2)
  • Registered parts and labor
  • Internal components, major components, and major engine systems, including cooled EGR major components
  • Covers all these components, including mounting hardware and gaskets:
    • Cylinder head assembly
    • Rocker lever assembly
    • ECM
    • Pistons, rings and liners
    • Lube oil cooler assembly
    • Cylinder block assembly
    • Front gear cover
    • Oil pan
    • Connecting rod assembly
    • Lube pump assembly
    • Camshaft and bushings
    • Cam follower assemblies
    • Crank shaft assemblies
    • EGR cooler, valve, and mixer
    • Flywheel
    • Water Pump

Protection Plan 2 Coverage & Pricing - EPA 2021 and CARB 2022 Products


X15 Efficiency and Productivity Series 

Productivity Series - 430V, 450V, 470V, 500V

X15 Performance and Productivity Series

Productivity Series - 565V, 605V



Coverage purchased must be documented on a Cummins Extended Coverage Certificate.  The certificate must be signed and dated by the customer.  For complete coverage details see legal description: (Bulletin PD2 - 5410616 & PT2 - 5410619)

Questions on coverage content or certificate registration contact: Local Factory Representative or Cummins Distributor