Transit/Shuttle Bus

Transit/Shuttle Bus – EPA 2021 and CARB 2022 Products 

Available on B6.7 and L9 EPA 2021 and CARB 2022 engines in the United States and Canada.

Only EPA 2021 engines are eligible to purchase EPA 2021 Extended Coverage programs. 
Only CARB 2022 engines are eligible to purchase CARB 2022 Extended Coverage programs.

Transit and Shuttle Bus Coverage includes:

  • Travel or towing on a covered failure
  • Registered parts and labor
  • Engine coverage includes EGR components (excluding all maintenance components and accessories which bear the name of another company)
    • Maintenance components excluded from coverage include, but are not limited to: fuel injectors, fuel pump, turbocharger, air compressor, fan clutch, water pump, fan hub, fan idler pulley assembly, vibration damper, belts, hoses, belt tensioner, and thermostat.

Transit & Shuttle Bus Coverage & Pricing - EPA 2021 and CARB 2022 Products



Coverage purchase must be documented on a Cummins Extended Coverage Certificate. The certificate must be signed and dated by the customer.  For complete coverage details see legal description: (Bulletin - TEC - 3381470)

Questions on coverage content or certificate registration contact: Local Factory Representative or Cummins Distributor