On-Highway Spec’ing Video Series

The Top 5 Questions to Ask a Customer When Spec'ing Them a Powertrain.

This video series consists of three short videos on the topic of questions to ask a customer when spec'ing them a powertrain.  The videos are split up into three sections and cover 5 important questions to ask a customer during this process and how to close the spec.

Video 1 -"Know Your Customer"
You will follow a sales representative as he discovers his customer's operational needs and expectations through asking the first 2 important questions.

Video 2 - "Know Your Customer's Vehicle"
You will encounter 3 separate sales representatives as they share the important questions they ask about the customer's vehicles in order to guide them on their spec recommendations.

Video 3 - "The Wrap Up"
You will be able to utilize the valuable information received from the customer questions and through baseling, be able to present spec options to the customer and eventually close the spec.