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This is your source for sales training on Cummins engines. Just launch a course and go through it to get the facts you need to sell Cummins engines in your trucks. At the end of the course take the quiz and you will then have the option to print a personalized certificate to document that you have completed the course. 

Cummins product sales training is also available on the Freightliner Dash. Please visit to view available training materials.

For the Cummins online training courses, use the same Cummins ID and Password (PW) as you would use to access QuickServe Online or any other Cummins system. If you do not currently have a Cummins ID and PW, please reach out to the appropriate training administrator at the bottom of this page and request a Cummins ID with Training access.

Course Name and DescriptionTime to CompleteLink

2020 X-Series Diesel Portfolio for On-Highway Sales Training


30 MIN


B Series Engine Sales Training (EPA 2017)


25 MIN


L Series Engine Sales Training (EPA 2017)


15 MIN


X12 Engine Sales Training (EPA 2017)


15 MIN


On-Highway Diesel Aftertreatment Sales Training


30 MIN

Vehicle Spec’ing Basics   - (Cummins Online Training) New for 2020
Vehicle Spec’ing in Action  - (Cummins Online Training) New for 2020
Vehicle Spec’ing Advanced  - (Cummins Online Training) New for 2020
Fuel Economy Basics
Fuel is one of the largest costs a truck fleet has and, with the right tools an training, you can be the expert your customers look to for help with managing fuel economy.
A white paper is available to download directly from the course for your convenience.
 45 minutesBegin
PowerSpec Basics

No two people operate a truck the exact same way. They all have different routes, different loads, different driving habits and different preferences. Cummins PowerSpec makes it possible to tailor the operation of Cummins engines to fit every customer’s application.
 20 minutes


Natural Gas Overview

This course is a basic overview of the natural gas market for on-highway trucks and our engines that are available.

 15 minutes 


Selling Extended Coverage

This course explains the definition of extended coverage, including the differences between extended coverage, base warranty, and policy. It also provides what extended coverage options are available and where that information is located. Additionally, the course provides detail about the customer benefits of extended coverage and how you might use those in your daily interactions with your customers.

At the completion of this course, you will understand the role of extended coverage and the coverages available. You will also be able to deliver the sales messages for selling extended coverages and understand the importance of offering extended coverage to all customers.

 10 minutesBegin

 Note: Training Content Includes Product Features and Attributes designed and offered by Cummins. OEM Product offering of these features and attributes may vary. Consult your OEM for details and availability.

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